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How Do We Prepare for a Seniors' Tour? What Are Our Considerations?

First of all, at Norita's World© our goal is for YOU (not the guides) to see and study as many birds as you can!! Here's what we do to make it as easy as possible for seniors and others who want a less rigorous tour:

  • Provide travel in a modern van for maximum comfort.
  • Do careful pre-trip scouting for highest concentration of birds in appropriate habitats with easiest access.
  • Reserve clean, comfortable and accessible lodging.
  • Schedule time so each person can both see and study the birds.
  • Minimize before-dawn wake-ups and the amount of travel each day.
  • Arrange for a "base camp" wherever possible, allowing travelers to skip a day in the field if desired.


We note the dietary requirements from your application, including vegetarian meals. We carefully plan eating locations and allow for store stops to help you maintain any special diets. More about meals on one of the "Need to Know" pages.

Hiking minimized

We survey for walking trails that are not rigorous and select sites with a high concentration of "good" birds within easy access or viewing from our vehicles.

Group Size

Your comfort is very important to us. As well, we try to provide as many conveniences as we can. Even in foreign travel. Our schedules allow for resting whenever you need to without your having to find a log to sit on. We think you'll agree that our red chairs are not only attractive to hummingbirds, but are comfortable to sit in as well!


Whenever possible, we drive a motorized vehicle that is self-contained. See above photo. In foreign travel or more rugged locations, we provide conveniences beyond those of ordinary tours. For example, see below the enclosure for the portable commode. Since then we have a "new and improved" model. More Details