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Belize, February 11- 20, 2005

February in Belize is a most "birdy" time of year. The birds are very active and vocal, but the weather is not yet too hot. We first meet Philip, duPlooy's resident birding guide, who is "ours" during our entire stay in Belize. He can spot and focus a scope on birds in dark woods where we see nothing but darkness, and if a bird disappears, he can predict where it's going to show up again. He can hear birds, identify "chips" and, when useful, imitate any bird he hears. I've not met any more skillful guide anywhere.

Our first destination is Crooked Tree where we spend 2 days birding lagoons and rivers by covered launch. Then we move inland to central Belize where we will spend 7 consecutive nights at duPlooy's beautiful "Jungle" Lodge and make day trips for easy access to northern, central, and even some southern specialties! Trogons, toucans, manakins and parrots are among the most exotic species, but beautiful tanagers and orioles also await us.

Price : 2,495 all-inclusive from Belize City, 10 days.

Price per day : $249.50.

Deposit : $450.

Limit : 10 participants.

Single supplement : $475.